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We are the perfect team!
Providing the perfect balance of fun and function with every project.

We have been data mining, website scraping, screen scraping for over 5 years. Extracting data from websites can be time consuming, complicated and difficult to maintain. With our experience we can get you the data you need from your choice of websites fast. We can deliver sample data for most new Scraping Projects within 2 working days, outsource these tasks to us and you will save money allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

  • Contact us and we can provide a quote to you within one working day
  • We will deliver a sample data file, with your scraped data
  • You verify, and instruct us to run the complete scraping solution
  • We deliver your data, as agreed in the format you specify
  • We can schedule your scraping solutions to run daily, weekly or monthly. Custom scheduled sessions available on request.

Website scraping is the process of extracting information (text, images, meta tags) from a website. We are experts at this, and have helped many companies gather information to populate their online directories, monitor their competitors prices, collect company contact information for their own marketing departments, download images on a specific topic, gather SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) data on their competitors . There are many uses for web scraping, with so much data available now on the internet you can rely on us to collect this for you to help your business thrive.