Web Scraping Services

Potential uses our Web Scraping and Data Extraction services:


Collect data from e-commerce websites

Monitor social media activities

Extract contacts from online directories

Track new or closed store locations

Protect intellectual property and patent rights

Gain powerful insight using Big Data web scraping


Why Choose Our Web Scraping Services?

We are UK-based - you can talk to our engineers online or onsite - your choice.

We offer time-based data extraction services - we can send you scraped data at times of your choosing e.g. close of financial markets on a Friday. Our scraping services are custom-built to your requirements and our software engineers can work at your premises with your team if you so require. We also specialise in building the required interfaces to insert scraped data into your systems.

UK Data Services focuses on custom web scraping tasks that cannot be satisfied with simple frameworks or turn-key software. We provide the development expertise and business understanding to deliver the data you need consistently and intelligibly. We turn data into business information.